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When will my server be upgraded?

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Below is a list of all servers. We will continue to update these and announce the date at least two weeks in advance. Your website server is shown in the server list in the Control Panel.
Customers with "Managed Server" and "Managed Server Agencies" will be informed via email about the changeover.

Server Upgrade date
s12, s7 Monday, 18.01.16
q1, a1, m2 Tuesday, 19.01.16
m3, s2, s4, s6, s10 Wednesday, 20.01.16
s11, s13, s15, s16, s18, 20, s23, s25, s27, p1 Monday, 01.02.16
s30, s31, s32, s33, s34, s35, s36, s37, s38, p2, p3 Wednesday, 03.02.16
s40, s41, s42, s43, s44, s45, p4, p5, p6 Tuesday, 09.02.16
s50, s51, s52, s53, s54, s55, s57, s58, p7, p8, p9 Wednesday, 10.02.16
s61, s62, s63, s68, s69, p10, p11, p12, p13, p14, p15 Tuesday, 16.02.16 
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