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Step by Step: Cloud Office Mobility with Windows Phone 7

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Cloud Office Mobility enables customers to synchronize the data they previously stored in Webmail with their smartphones.

The following Windows Phones versions are supported:

  • Windows Phone 7


​Windows Phone 7 includes a pre-installed Exchange ActiveSync client, with which you can synchronize
your emails, contacts and appointments between your mobile phone and the Cloud Office Server.


  1. In the main menu, select the right arrow icon or scroll to the left to access the application list.
  2. Select Settings. Choose email & accounts.
  3. Select add an account. Select the Outlook account type.
  4. Enter the E-Mail address you use for the Cloud Office Server.
    1. Enter the password you use for the Cloud Office Server.
    2. Note: The entries are case-sensitive.
    3. Select sign in.
  5. Enter your access data (username and domain) for the Cloud Office Server. If your username contains the @ character, enter the characters preceding @ in the Username field, the characters following @ in the Domain field. Example: For the username enter john.doe as user and as domain. Select Sign in.
  6. A notification message is shown. Select Advanced. On the next page select show all settings.
  7. Enter the server name of the Clpud Office Server in the Server field. Enable Server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection.
  8. Check the settings. Select sign in.


For the everyday use please read the following information.

  • To read or compose E-Mails, select Outlook from the main menu.
  • To synchronize E-Mails with the Cloud Office Server, select Outlook from the main menu.
  • In the menu select Synchronize.
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