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OX Uploader helps you import your existing data into your Groupware account. You have the following options:

  • Importing from a mailbox file (.pst)

  • Importing from an existing profile

  • Importing from an Exchange Server account

Follow these steps:

Select the appropriate method for you.

Importing from a mailbox file (.pst)


  • Enter the full path to your .pst. file. You can also enter this path automatically by clicking the Browse button and navigating directly to the file.

  • Enter the password if your .pst file is password-protected (optional).


Now enter all of the required information for your Open Xchange account.

If you want to configure detailed settings for the import, click Configure advanced settings.


Here you can select the time frame as well as specific folders that you want to import to your Open Xchange account:



Now start the import process.


After the import is complete, the OX Uploader reports how many elements have been successfully imported. If failed elements are listed, these must be corrected and re-imported. Refer to the log file for more information about these elements. Support will be happy to assist you with this as well.


Importing from an existing profile

Select an existing profile to import the data it contains into your Open Xchange account.

  • Profile: source profile

  • Data File: destination profile


Importing from an Exchange Server account

Enter the URL of your Exchange Server and the path to your account. If you do not have these details, please contact your Exchange Server administrator.


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