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What is Domain Privacy / Domain Full Privacy?

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Domain Privacy allows you, the domain owner, to protect your personal data. Personal address details for the owner of a domain – usually an e-mail address and telephone number – are publicly available on 'WHOIS' servers. This means that anybody can find out the owner of a certain domain. In turn, illegitimate address brokers, spammers, telemarketing companies and fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of these servers for their own purposes.

Domain Privacy or Domain Full Privacy helps you to protect your personal data from misuse. The address of a so-called proxy service – a neutral party – is displayed in place of your address details. Your details are either hidden completely (“Full Privacy”), or only your first and last name (“Privacy”) are shown.

You remain the legal owner of the domain along with all of the attendant rights and duties. Correspondence sent to the e-mail address of the neutral proxy is forwarded to you immediately and automatically. 

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