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Can I already register .swiss domains with Hostpoint?

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Yes, you can submit applications for .swiss domains directly in the Hostpoint Online Shop.

The allocation of domain names with the ending .swiss is restricted to public-sector bodies, other public organizations and legal entities - i.e. not private individuals.

An application can be submitted for the following domain names:

  1. Brands registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  2. Names that objectively seem to belong to public-sector bodies or organizations or that are apparently involved with their official activities (municipalities, cantons, public associations)
  3. Names corresponding to trademarks protected in Switzerland (brands, company names, associations and foundations that are entered in the commercial register, protected designations of origin and registered geographic designations, protected appellations (wine designations) and source indications that are the object of industry regulations)
  4. Your company (the company name corresponding to your Swiss commercial register entry), i.e. ""
  5. Any available name you like (names denoting an event, a campaign or a project, as well as made-up names).

Please also note the terms and conditions for generic names

You can send your domain application (pre-order) to us now. On January 11, 2016 we'll ensure that your registration application is promptly forwarded to OFCOM.

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