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In Cloud Office, you can also set up third-party email accounts, such as those from Gmail.

To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to Cloud Office with your e-mail address and your password.
  2. Open the e-mail application.
  3. Click on “Add mail account” in the bottom left of the folder structure.
  4. Enter your Gmail e-mail address and the corresponding password.
  5. Click on “Add”.
    CloudOffice EMailKontoHinzufuegen en→ Cloud office will now automatically attempt to find the correct settings. If this fails, it is possible to make the settings «manually».
  6. Click on “Save”.

→ The Gmail account has ben set up in Cloud office. You will now see your Gmail mailbox in the left sidebar.


The following warning may appear:

“Validation of server failed due to invalid login credentials”.

In this case, you may be using what is known as an “app password”, which must first be entered under “Password” in the settings. Further information on the “app password” can be found directly at Google.

Connection settings

The following settings are to be set according to Google:

Account settings 
Account name:Display name in Cloud Office
Your name:Your Name
E-mail address:Your Gmail e-mail address
Incoming server 
Server type:IMAP
Connection security:SSL/TSL
Server port:993
Username:Your Gmail e-mail address
Password:Your Gmail password
Outgoing server 
Server type:SMTP/ASMTP
Connection security:SSL/TSL
Server port:465
Authentication:Like incoming mail server
Username:Will be automatically adopted
Password:Will be automatically adopted
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