Step by Step: Cloud Office Mobility with Android

Cloud Office Mobility enables customers to synchronize the data they previously stored in Webmail with their smartphones.

The following Android versions are supported:

  • Android 2.3

  • Android 3.0 and the following versions


Please make a backup of all your local data on your iphone.

Add Account 

Go to "Settings" -> "Accounts & sync" to add a new account.

To do this, click on Add account.

Persönliche Details

Enter the following data:

E-Mail: Your personal account in Cloud Office Premium.


Domain\Username: This field merely contains the domain name and the username (localpart), seperated with a backslash

Password: Enter the password for your e-mail address here.

Be sure to activate "Use SSL", as communication is only possible via a secure connection.



Select the data to be synchronized with your Cloud Office Mobility. You can also determine the time period for which the e-mails are to be synchronized.

Finish Installation

Please enter an account name (optional) for your account.


After you finished the installation, see your account listet in "Accounts & sync settings".



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