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Cloud Office Mobility enables customers to synchronize the data they previously stored in the Cloud Office web application with their smartphones.

Supported versions

The following Android versions are supported:

  • Android 4.1 and the following versions


The manufacturer and Hostpoint recommends that you back up all files before setting up the Cloud Office Mobility account.

Add Account 

Go to the «Settings» > «Accounts» menu.

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Click on «Add account».

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Select «Exchange».

Cloud Office Mobility - Android 

Personal data

The following data is required for the setup:

E-Mail  Your personal account in Cloud Office Premium
Domain\Username This field merely contains the domain name and the username (localpart), seperated with a backslash. Example:\
Password Enter the password for your E-Mail address here

Enter your E-Mail adress.

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Enter the password for your E-Mail address and then click on «Manual setup».

 Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Enter the domain name under «Username» and then separate the user name (local part, ie the part before the @ in your E-Mail address) separated by a backslash. Example:\

Enter «» as server.

Select «SSL/TLS» for the security type, since communication is only possible via a secure connection. Then click «Next».

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Click on «Done» to complete the setup.

Cloud Office Mobility - Android


To set which data should be synchronized with Cloud Office Mobility, go to Settings in the menu:

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

Click on your newly created account.

Here you can also specify the time period how long back the data should be synchronized.

Cloud Office Mobility - Android

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