Step by Step: Cloud Office Mobility with iPhone / iPad

Cloud Office Mobility enables customers to synchronize the data they previously stored in Webmail with their smartphones / tablet.

The following iPhone versions are supported:

  • from iOS 5.0


Please make a backup of all your local data on your iphone.

Add Account

Go to "Settings" -> "Email" to add a new account.
To do this, click the type Microsoft Exchange.


Personal Details

Enter the following data:

E-Mail: Your personal account in Cloud Office Premium.


Domain: This field merely contains the domain name, i.e. everything after @, e.g.

Username: The user name relates to the part before the @ of your e-mail address, e.g. (not This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)).

Password: Enter the password for your e-mail address here.

Synchronize Data

Select the data to be synchronized with your Cloud Office Mobility:


Activate SSL

After completing this, all the data provided will be listed once again. Be sure to activate "Use SSL", as communication is only possible via a secure connection.


Synchronization Options

If you want to change the synchronization options later on, they can be activated/deactivated via the following screen. You can also determine the time period for which the e-mails are to be synchronized.

With the calendar and the contacts, you can also choose to keep or delete your local data. If you decide to keep them, Cloud Office Mobility will synchronize the data from the server as well as those from the iPhone.



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