I’m familiar with the old Hostpoint webmail interface. What has changed?

Team work for everyone

The new Cloud Office webmail interface already supports the Groupware feature. You can share your files, contacts and calendar with other users and you can view the details of other contacts.

No settings wizard

The settings wizard has been eliminated. Settings for external E-Mail accounts, for example, can be configured directly under Settings.

No context menus

The context menus have been eliminated because touchscreen devices do not support this operating concept.

New views and views that have been eliminated

Certain views such as the H-split and the address card view for contacts no longer exist. Instead, all relevant object details appear in the display pane.

Halo view for contacts

The halo view is a pop-up showing all relevant contact information:

  • Addresses, E-Mail addresses, phone numbers
  • Your most recent correspondence with this contact
  • Appointments you have with this contact

Halo view opens, for example, when you perform the following actions:

  • Clicking the recipient or sender of an E-Mail
  • Clicking a certain attendee, appointment or task

The App Drive (Cloud Office Premium, formerly Open Xchange Groupware)

This app replaces the former InfoStore, including file versioning, sharing and publishing folders. The following features are new:

  • An icon view is available in addition to the list view. The icon view contains a thumbnail preview for many of the files.
  • Use the Document Viewer to display various Office documents.
  • Display a slide show of photos, playing back audio and video files.
  • Create and edit text in all common Office formats, plain text or rich text.


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