Prices during the “Dutch auction”

During the first 10 days of general availability (starting November 22, 2021), a prioritized registration process in the form of a “Dutch auction” will take place. This auction will be carried out by the registry operator You can find out more about how the “Dutch auction” works here.

The sales prices for the registration of .zuerich domains are based on the purchase prices defined by the registry operator for the auction process. Prices will decrease daily during the “Dutch auction” until they reach the fixed price level after 10 days. Below you can find the prices per day:

Day 122.11.2021CHF 18,000
Day 223.11.2021CHF 12,000
Day 324.11.2021CHF 9,100
Day 425.11.2021CHF 6,500
Day 526.11.2021CHF 3,900
Day 627.11.2021CHF 2,600
Day 728.11.2021CHF 1,950
Day 829.11.2021CHF 1,350
Day 930.11.2021CHF 900
Day 1001.12.2021CHF 450

After the “Dutch auction” has ended, the regular price for a .zuerich domain name will be CHF 79 for the first year and CHF 129 from the second year on.

All prices apply for one domain and include VAT.


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