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From 07.12.2016, the new Logaholic is available, which brings many practical innovations.

With the new, modern interface, the statistics are even easier and more intuitive to check and the dashboards can now be managed even more clearly.

The new tutorials, which are displayed automatically when you open Logaholic, show you step by step how to handle main navigation, dashboards and reports effortlessly.

What changes in the product offer?

Logaholic Basic will remain free of charge for all webhostings. Logaholic Pro and Logaholic Commerce are combined into one product Logaholic Pro.

What changes in the reports?

The following reports are new in Logaholic Basic and Pro:   

  • Key Metrics - Total Visits
  • Key Metrics - Visits Trends
  • Key Metrics - Total Pageviews
  • Key Metrics - Conversion Rate
  • Key Metrics - New Vs Returning
  • Key Metrics - Pages per User
  • Key Metrics - Site Errors
  • Key Metrics - Bounce Rate
  • Top Hours
  • Top Days

The following new reports are available with Logaholic Pro:

  • Twitter Compare
  • Twitter Find People
  • LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Trends
  • Bounce Rate per Day
  • Browsers by Country
  • Compare Days
  • Exit Rate
  • Log Inspector
  • OS by Country
  • Suspicious Traffic
  • Top Pages in the last Hour

There are changes to the following reports, the data are still contained in other reports:

  • "Visitors per hour" - this report received a new visualization and has been renamed to "Top Hours"
  • "Visitors and visits" - these dates are new in the "Visitors per Day" report
  • "Traffic overview" - the data from this report can be found in other traffic reports and in the key figures
  • "Today overview" - new data can be found in other reports for the daily evaluations as well as in the key figures
  • "Days of the week" - this visualization was also adapted and renamed "Top Days"

What happens to my old data?

The existing data as well as the configuration and dashboards are taked on and remain available for analysis.

What does Logaholic cost?

Logaholic Basic is available free of charge for all webhostings. For only CHF 5.- per month, Logaholic Pro provides you with all reports for analyzing your website statistics for all websites of your hosting.

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