How do I connect to my database?

Instead over the control panel with phpMyAdmin you can also use a separate program (for example, MySQL Workbench for your database access. Use the following information to connect:

Port: 3306
Server Name:
Database: name of the database
Username: assigned database user
Password: the corresponding password

In addition, the external host has to be entered for the database user in the Control Panel. You have to log into the Control Panel and go on the left in the category "Databases". After clicking "Database Users" on the left you'll see all created users.

Click on "Edit" under the desired user and go to "Hosts". In here you can enter the IP address of which you access the database. You can check your IP address here:

Warning: Your IP address is dynamic and can therefore change from time to time.
It is also possible to allow access from all IP addresses, which we do not recommend for security reasons. For this, you enter only the% character to the hosts. If you choose, despite an increased risk for this method, take precautions so as to assign a secure password to this user.



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