How do I set up and use SSH?

Use the separate hosting login for the webserver as username.

The username can be found in the contract of the webserver and the password is set by you in the Control Panel.

Open your server under «Services» and switch to the left to «Advanced». In the menu «Password Change» you set the new password for the hosting login.

Activate SSH

Before using for the first time, SSH must be activated for your hosting. This can be done in the Control Panel at «Services» > «Open your hosting» > «Advanced» > «SSH Access».

Here you also have the possibility to add your SSH public keys to the authorized_keys file.

SSH access

SSH connection

On Linux and Apple OS X, you can use the terminal for the connection. On Windows, you need additional software, such as PuTTY or WinSCP.

The command for the connection is as follows:


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