How do I view my website without active domain?

If the name servers of a certain domain have not been switched to us, you can access your website using a test domain.

Please follow one of the following procedures depending on whether your web hosting account already has an active domain.

If you already have an active domain in your Hostpoint account:

Create a subdomain for your currently active domain, e.g. ‘’ .

Simply go to ‘Websites’  and click the blue ‘Create a website’  button. Enter the subdomain in the field ‘Choose or insert domain’ (here, for example, ‘test’ and then select the appropriate domain). Click ‘Next’ to enter the root directory containing the new website data you have uploaded.

If your Hostpoint account does not contain any active domains:

If you do not have any active domains with Hostpoint, you can use a test domain provided by us for this purpose. This domain is already assigned for certain hosting accounts. The test domain consists of the username associated with the hosting account and the domain ‘’, i.e. ‘’.

If you are unable to find the test domain ‘’ in your hosting account, please contact our support team. They will be happy to assist you.



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