Resetting your server password

If you have forgotten the password for your server, follow these instructions:

  • On the login screen for the Control Panel, click on the Lost Your Password? link.



You will then be prompted to choose between your Hosting and Hostpoint ID. Select Hosting. If you have forgotten the password for your Hostpoint ID, click here.



  • In the first field, enter the username (max. 8 characters) for your hosting account or, in the second field, a domain assigned to the respective hosting account.

  • In the CAPTCHA field, enter the letters you see.

  • Next, click Reset My Password.


  • An e-mail containing a reset link will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the billing contact for your server.

  • Click the link included in this e-mail. Next, you will immediately receive an additional e-mail with your login details.

I do not know the e-mail address of the billing contact.

Receiving login details by first-class mail

If the e-mail address we have on file is no longer valid or you do not receive the e-mail, our support team can send your login details by conventional mail to the billing address. Contact our support team about this (e.g. through the contact form). Make sure to update the e-mail address for the billing contact the next time you log into the Control Panel. The following article describes this procedure.

Changing the e-mail address of the billing contact

Make sure that the e-mail addresses of the billing contact and of your technical contacts are always kept up to date. These contact details are needed as described above to reset passwords and send newsletters, customer notifications, and suchlike. Please remember to enter/update this address when you log in for the first time in order to ensure that you receive future correspondence.

Changing contact details

Go to Services in the Control Panel, where you can select your server and then change both addresses at any time under Admin –> Customer Contact.



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