How do I connect to my server via FTP/SFTP?

There are various ways to connect to your Hostpoint server via FTP.

Connecting via FTP account

Each web hosting account we offer includes FTP access. It is possible to create individual FTP accounts in the Control Panel.

Use your browser or a common FTP client such as FileZilla (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Cyberduck (Mac) to connect to the server.

FTP-Server/Host In this field, enter your domain or, if it is inactive, the Hostpoint server name that you see when clicking on Services in the Control Panel. The Hostpoint server name is listed under your own server name and the Hostpoint products you subscribe to. Example:

Example for the FTP server/host:
Username Enter the FTP username you created.
Password Enter the password you selected for this FTP user.
Port 21

Connecting via SFTP (encrypted)

Secure FTP (SFTP) offers encrypted data transfer via Secure Shell (SSH) and is therefore more secure than regular FTP. The SFTP connection is supported in all of our web hosting products.

The SFTP connection can only be established with the main FTP account. This explicitly requires using port 22. The username of the main FTP account can be found in the contract of the webserver and the password is set by you in the Control Panel. Open your server under «Services» and switch on the left to «Advanced». In the menu «Password Change» you set the new password for the hosting login.


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