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The most important part of your shop is, of course, the products you are offering. That makes it all the more important that you can easily manage your products in the administration area.

Adding products

To add a new product, go to the administration area, select «Products» and then «Display products».

There you will see all of the products that have already been added. You can add new products to your product range by clicking «+ Add».

On the next page, you can then complete the product description fields to provide your customers with as much information as possible about the product you are offering.

Managing categories

Your products must be assigned to at least one category in order for them to be displayed in the shop.

In a clothing shop, for example, categories might include «Jackets» or “Pants».

All categories set to «visible» also appear as menu items in the main menu of the shop.

To create a new category, go to the administration area of your shop and select «Products» and then «Manage categories». Then click «+ Add» to add a new category.

You should ideally give the new category a descriptive name. Then set the category to «visible» so that your customers can view the products in this category.

To assign existing products to a category, click «+ Categorize products», select the desired products and click «Apply».

Product types and attributes

What are product types and attributes?

Products types describe the type of product you are offering («What am I selling?»).

In the case of a clothing shop, the answer might be «pants», «jackets» or «hats», for example.

Attributes, on the other hand, describe properties of the product, such as color or size. The value of the «Color» attribute could be «red», for example.

Product types and attributes essentially serve the following purposes:

Product types
Product types are the basis for product variations. For example, if you want to offer an item of clothing in several different colors or sizes, the product type and the respective attributes are used to define these variations.
Attributes help to ensure clarity and provide additional information about the product (e.g. range of available colors and sizes).

In the administration area, go to «Products» → «Manage product types» to create new product types and then add the attributes right away as well.

Product variations

Once you have created product types and attributes, you can create product variations quickly and easily.

Simply select «Products» from the main menu and then «Display products».

Click on the item number of the product for which you want to add a variation and then select «Variation».

Start the wizard to add the variations. This wizard also lets you create new attributes for the product.

After completing the steps of the wizard, the desired product variations will be added and are available to your customers.

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