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  1. First, log into your Control Panel and click «E-Mail».
  2. Now select «Autoresponder» from the menu.
    You will now see the Autoresponder Templates list. 
  3. To set up your autoresponder, click «Create an autoresponder template».
  4. Enter a name in the «Template Name» field to indicate the purpose of the autoresponder (e.g. «Holiday_absence»).
    Check the «Send as HTML» box if you want to send your reply as an E-Mail in HTML format (provided your text is written in HTML).
    If you don’t activate this option, your E-Mail will be sent as plain text. 
  5. After entering the text, click «Save» to return to the overview.
    You will then see your autoresponder with the name «Holiday_absence».
  6. You must now assign the just created autoresponder template to one or more E-Mail addresses. To do this, go to the menu item «E-Mail» and edit the corresponding E-Mail address.
  7. On the «Assign autoresponder» tab, activate «Use Autoresponder». Select the autoresponder template that you created previously and choose the period in which the autoresponder has to be active. Then click on «Save» to assign the autoresponder to the E-Mail address.
  8. Under «Autoresponder» you can now see that the autoresponder is active for the corresponding E-Mail address and the selected period.
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