How do I set up an autoresponder notification?

First, log into your Control Panel and click E-mail. Now select Autoresponder from the menu. You will now see the Autoresponder Templates list. 

To set up your autoresponder, click Create an autoresponder template. Enter a name in the Template Name field to indicate the purpose of the autoresponder (e.g. ‘Holiday_office’). Check the Send as HTML box if you want to send your reply as an e-mail in HTML format (provided your text is written in HTML). If you don’t activate this option, your e-mail will be sent as plain text. 

After entering the text, click Save to return to the overview. You will then see your autoresponder with the name ‘holiday_office’.

You must now assign the autoresponder you have just created to one or more e-mail addresses. Click the E-mail menu item and select an account. Make the desired changes and assign the autoresponder to the e-mail address under Assign Autoresponder.





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