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The position of your web pages in search engine results also depends on how search engine-friendly you make your website. By following these basic rules, you will be setting the stage for better search engine rankings.

Barriers to search engines
Avoid including unnecessary barriers to search bots. These include things like Flash intros that cannot be skipped without a direct HTML link.
JavaScript and Java
Use JavaScript very sparingly. Many browsers have JavaScript disabled, and search engines do not understand this scripting language. Navigation elements created with JavaScript or even in Java are especially problematic.
Use meta-tags to create relevant descriptions of your web pages.
In general, you should eliminate any obstacles that make it difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to use your website, because these also create obstacles for search engines. In other words, if you make your website useable for people with disabilities, e.g. by adding voice output to your pages or optimizing them for a braille display, it will be a win-win, since you will be improving your ranking in search results and making your site more accessible.
Good content
What is most important for good search engine results, however, is still relevant content. Content with real substance gives other people a reason to link to your website, which will then help to get you better rankings in search results.

How does the rankingCoach help?

Our rankingCoach tool makes search engine optimization easier for you.

It allows you to optimize websites you have created yourself or with common products (CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla!, TYPO3, Sites, Webshop) for search engines, especially Google.

rankingCoach guides you step by step through a very intuitive, user-friendly procedure. Even if Hostpoint does not host your website, you can still use rankingCoach to optimize your site.

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