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To help us provide our hosting services without technical problems and in compliance with the law, our servers create log files. These contain information such as:

  • IP addresses
  • Date and time
  • Protocol information such as protocol type, protocol version, the desired action, status codes or information about the transferred data (e.g. the size of a question or an answer)
  • Error messages
  • Depending on the application-specific information, such as message IDs for e-mails, or web access, information about the browser used (user agent string) or, if applicable, the page from which the visitor came to the website

This applies not only to interactions with websites, but also to all of our services such as e-mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP), FTP, SSH etc.

We use this information, among other things, to understand and solve technical problems, to find human-caused errors, to fend off attacks on our infrastructure, to support post-mortem analyzes on hacked customer websites or to generate visitor statistics for your website.

The data remain on our systems until the operational necessity no longer applies and the statutory or contractual deadlines expire and are then automatically deleted. For most data, this is a maximum of half a year.

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