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Sites is offered by Hostpoint in the following product versions:

  • Sites Starter
  • Sites Limited
  • Sites (full version)

Sites Starter

The Starter version is the cheapest and simplest version of Sites, especially suitable for beginners with simple needs. You receive up to 10 GB of web storage space and can create up to 6 pages with a good selection of features and widgets. However, Sites Starter does not include a free e-mail service.

Sites Limited

The limited version of Sites is suitable for beginners and small web projects. Sites Limited also allows you to create a website with up to 6 pages. In addition, Sites Limited offers free e-mail inboxes of up to 5 GB and up to 500 GB of web storage space for your website. Sites Limited is included in the Smart and Business web hosting offerings.

Sites (full version)

The full version of Sites is suitable for private individuals, SMEs and professional webmasters alike. As a customer, you receive up to 500 GB of web storage space and an unlimited number of e-mail inboxes with an additional 5 GB of e-mail storage each. The full version of Sites offers you the complete range of features without limitations: unlimited number of pages, all available widgets, website in multiple languages and much more.

Further information on the scope and functionality of the individual product versions can be found on our website. All versions can be upgraded at any time.

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