Multilingual websites with Sites

Since Sites does not currently offer a separate function for multilingualism of a website, you will find below two examples of how you can still create a website in multiple languages with a workaround. This example uses a design that displays the submenus as a dropdown. At the top you can see a corresponding flag for each language. Clicking on one of the flags will display the submenu in the selected language. This example also contains a main menu with flags at the top. However, the items of the submenu are not displayed as a dropdown here, but as a menu on the left side.

Both examples have the same website structure. Whether the menu is displayed as a dropdown or on the left side depends only on the chosen design.

The website structure of the two examples was designed as follows:

  • German (or the emoji flag for Germany)
    • Unsere Produkte
    • Über uns
    • Kontakt
  • English (or the emoji flag for Great Britain)
    • Our Products
    • About us
    • Contact
  • French (or the emoji flag for France)
    • Nos produits
    • A propos
    • Contact
  • Italian (or the emoji flag for Italy)
    • I nostri prodotti
    • Chi siamo
    • Contatto

You can copy the emojis e.g. from this page

You can edit the website structure in Sites on the left side. Create the submenus by clicking the desired menu item and clicking the arrow at the bottom left.

If you want to use the flag emojis, you can simply copy them from the example above (as if it were normal text) and then paste them into the "Page Title" field in the website structure.

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