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The web-o-mat website toolbox solution is now obsolete and no longer meets today’s demands in terms of usability, functionality and security. For this reason, the operation of the web-o-mat was discontinued.

In this article, we answer the most important questions about this.

What happens to my website?

The website you created with web-o-mat is still accessible, but with limitations. Static content elements such as text and images continue to work, whereas dynamic content elements (e.g. guest book) no longer work correctly. In addition, you are no longer able to edit the website.

I want to edit my website. What can I do?

Unfortunately, your website created with web-o-mat can no longer be edited because access to web-o-mat has been blocked. We recommend that you import the website into our new, more up-to-date and more versatile toolbox solution Sites. Information on the import process can be found in this guide.

Once you have imported the website into Sites, you can edit the content of your website as you wish. For more information about Sites, see the integrated help and our support center.

Is it worth switching from web-o-mat to Sites?

Switching to our more up-to-date website toolbox solution Sites is definitely worth your while. Websites created using Sites have benefits such as:

  • More design templates and options: you have much more design freedom when you switch to Sites. Choose from over 400 different design templates and customize your website as you like with the intuitive editor. Sites also offers a variety of handy widgets such as the embedding of YouTube videos.
  • Responsive design: the design is “responsive”, i.e. the display automatically adapts to the screen sizes of your devices (PC/tablet/smartphone) and your browser. This is very important because today more than 50% of websites are accessed from smartphones.
  • Security: the connection between your website and your visitors’ browsers can be encrypted using an SSL certificate. This was only possible to a limited extent with web-o-mat.
  • Improved search engine ranking: more up-to-date and secure websites are easier for search engines such as Google to find and tend to have a higher ranking in search results.

All other benefits can be found on the product page for Sites on our website.

What version of Sites will I receive when I switch?

When you switch, you will automatically receive the following version of Sites:

Previous productNew product
web-o-mat LimitedSites Limited
web-o-mat (full version)Sites (full version)
web-o-mat eCommerceSites (full version)

What are the main differences in terms of functionality between the two tools?

Not all page types that were available in web-o-mat are also available as features (known as “widgets”) in Sites. Instead, Sites offers a very large variety of widgets which did not exist in web-o-mat.

Below you will find an overview of the web-o-mat page types and their counterpart Sites widget:

web-o-mat page typeSites widget
LocationLocation and route map
Route plannerLocation and route map
Guest bookGuest book
Contact formContact form
Forumnot available
Online shopShop
Databasenot available
Searchnot available
MediaGallery/slide show, etc.
RSS feedRSS feed

What happens to my bill?

Switching from web-o-mat to Sites will not affect your bill.

What should I do if I no longer need web-o-mat or the website?

With Sites, we offer an up-to-date, secure and easy-to-use website toolbox solution that is an ideal successor to web-o-mat.

If you no longer have any use for your website created using web-o-mat, proceed as follows:

  1. Log into the Hostpoint Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID.
  2. Open the corresponding web hosting account.
  3. Click on “Websites” > “web-o-mat” in the left menu.
  4. Start the migration assistant.
  5. Select the option “No, I no longer need my web-o-mat website”.

→ The website and the web-o-mat will be deleted.

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