What is the Hostpoint ID?

All customers can obtain a Hostpoint ID, no matter whether they are the owner or a technical contact associated with a hosting account. To create a Hostpoint ID, follow the instructions described at «How do I create a Hostpoint ID».

You will receive a separate login irrespective of any existing hosting accounts. This Hostpoint ID can be used to manage all of your products.

Your Hostpoint ID allows you to use the following features:

  • Administration/overview of all your hosting accounts
  • Direct access to the Control Panel for each different hosting account
  • Manage all your purchased domains
  • Changes to your DNS zone and the name servers of all domains
  • Overview of all your contracts
  • Managing your payment method
  • Manage authorizations (e.g. so your technical contact person or webmaster can use his/her own Hostpoint ID to access your hosting account, without being allowed to see/change your contract details)


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