Remote Support: Download and How-to use

Here you will find the TeamViewer Client, which you need so that Support can see what is happening on your system.


You can download the TeamViewer client here:

TeamViewer for Windows / Mac / Linux


We need your authorization for Hostpoint’s support staff to see what is on your screen. You grant us this access by giving us the ID and one-time password displayed when you open TeamViewer.

You do not need to worry about any unauthorized tampering with your system. Our staff cannot access your system, they help you visually using a blue on-screen pointer.

How to establish the connection

  • Click on the following link and download the program. Click «Yes» to confirm the security prompt when you run the program.
  • Give our support staff the ID and password that appear.
  • Once Support has established the connection, your system will indicate this. Confirm the connection by clicking «OK».
  • The connection is now established, and our staff sees exactly what you see on your screen.

How to terminate the connection

  • Close the TeamViewer window by clicking on the «X» in the top right corner and make sure that the program is no longer shown in the taskbar at the bottom left of the screen next to the clock.
  • You can then uninstall the TeamViewer program or keep it for future use. However, our support team will only have access to your screen if you provide us with an ID and password again.


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