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Unstable or slow internet connections, or a WIFI or mobile network with insufficient bandwidth, are common causes of problems. Hostpoint Meet automatically reduces the video quality as soon as a participant starts to experience issues.

However, this measure may not be enough to avoid disruptions. In order to further reduce the required bandwidth and optimize the quality of the connection, individual conference participants (or all) can take the following additional measures:

  • Switch off your camera
  • Only switch on your microphone when you need to speak
  • Manually reduce the video quality via the menu at the bottom right (only available in the browser) or set to “Low bandwidth” (audio only). The latter completely deactivates any video except for when a participant shares their screen.

For conferences with a large number of participants, it’s best if only a few people have their cameras switched on; alternatively, hold the meeting exclusively via audio.

Using an outdated browser version can also cause problems. It’s very important that all participants are using a current version of a supported browser. Google Chrome is currently the most reliable option with the most features. We therefore recommend making the switch to Google Chrome if you experience any problems.

Please also take note of the information listed under “What are the hardware and software requirements for using Hostpoint Meet?”.

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