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Hostpoint provides you a FreeSSL certificate for every domain registered with Hostpoint.

Before you order an SSL certificate, you have to initiate a CSR request from your hosting provider. If your web hosting provider supports the import of FreeSSL certificate from Hostpoint, you have to check directly with your provider.

Generate a FreeSSL certificate

Log in to the Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID. Then select the «Admin» tab followed by «SSL Certificates». This takes you to the certificate manager.

If you want to create a new FreeSSL certificate, select «Generate a new SSL Certificate»

Generate a new SSL Certificate

After that, click on «I would like to set up the new SSL certificate with my own certificate signing request (CSR) for an external hosting provider».

Generate a new SSL Certificate

Now add the CSR supplied by your provider.

Generate a new SSL Certificate

Click on the button «Create a FreeSSL Certificate free of charge».

Generate a new SSL Certificate

Your FreeSSL certificate will now be created, this may take a few minutes.

Generate a new SSL Certificate

If the certificate was generated successfully, you can download the file and send it to your hosting provider to install the certificate for you.

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