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Enable SSL

How to activate SSL for your website and thus convert it to https is described in the article: What do I have to do for my website to work with https?

SSL is enabled, but no lock will appear

If you have activated SSL for your websites and there‘s no lock symbol in the address bar of your browser when you visit your sites or the message appears that your website is still unsafe, your website includes a link or image containing an “absolute“ path instead of a “relative“ path.

This means that these images or links can be accessed via http:// instead of https:// (mixed content).

The browser will therefore indicate that your website is unprotected.

What can you do to make it work?

Check pictures

To determine which link or image is the culprit, you can use the „console“, which is part of the developer tools included with nearly every browser.

Check connections

Another possibility is to have the website checked by

This website also lists all unsafe links.

Check application

If you have your own CMS or websites you have programmed yourself, these links usually have to be changed manually.

How to change this with our One Click applications can be found in the following instructions:

Do you need help with SSL activation?

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