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With all of our hosting or server products, you can independently install a third-party SSL certificate in the Hostpoint Control Panel in the Certificate Manager at any time.

Add an external/self-signed SSL certificate

Log in to the Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID. Then select the «Admin» tab followed by «SSL Certificates». This takes you to the Certificate manager.

If you want to add a new Certificate, select «Add an external/self-signed SSL Certificate»

Add an external/self-signed SSL Certificate

Enter your certificate, CA certificate and the corresponding key and then click on "Install external SSL certificate".

Add an external/self-signed SSL Certificate

Once an SSL Certificate has been successfully installed, you can activate it from the desired website on the Edit page.

Do you need help installing a third-party certificate?

Depending on what kind of web server you have with us, we will gladly take the installation from you if it does not work for you.

Standard server with Silver Support

The installation of third-party Certificates is not possible for standard servers.

If you need advice on which of our products best suits your needs, our support team will be happy to help and answer your questions.

Smart Server with Silver Support

As a Smart Server owner, if you require assistance installing a third-party Certificate, we charge a CHF 100 installation fee per URL (e.g. or

Business with Gold Support

For Business Servers, we install the third-party Certificate free of charge as part of the Gold Support package.

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