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Fraudsters often send fake E-Mails in which they try to obtain private access data. These E-Mails look deceptively real and are sent with fake senders. The E-Mails try to lead the user to a fraud site via links.

Information that is entered there (access data, credit card details, E-Mail addresses etc.) is copied and then misused for illegal purposes.

If you receive an E-Mail informing you that you must enter your access data and/or credit card number, please check the E-Mail carefully and do not click on any attachments.

If you would like to log in to Hostpoint, make sure that you only use these links:

Hostpoint Control Panel:

Cloud Office Mail:

Every browser can check certificates for authenticity and validity. If you would like to log in, you can simply check if you are on the right page by clicking on the lock icon in your browser bar:
Browser certificate

If you have received a phishing E-Mail, please forward it directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then delete the suspicious E-Mail.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot respond to reports we receive personally. During active waves of phishing, we often receive many messages from alert or concerned customers.

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