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Install your sites, using an own backup

  • Upload your files on your server (SFTP/SSH) and import the database in your Hostpoint Control Panel, register Databases
  • Login in the backend of your website and change all passwords of all backend-users, delete unknown or inactive users
  • Change the password of the database-user
  • Deinstall all not used themes/plugins
  • Install and activate a firewall

Important: Please do not use any file from the folder ''Hostpoint Quarantined Files" except pictures (.jpg, .png, .gif aso.).

An anti-virus will find hidden backdoors only conditionally. If you use a CMS, you can install anti-mailware plugins, but please notice that those wont be able to find all bad scripts/backdoors. If you use files from this folder, its quite likely that will you get hacked again.

Please delete the folder ''Hostpoint Quarantined Files".

If you need some hints ragarding the security of your websites, please check the article "How can I protect my website against attacks?"

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