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You can set up several delivery methods in your shop. You can also associate the various delivery methods with specific logistics providers and determine that certain delivery methods are only offered in combination with certain products.

Delivery methods

To add a new delivery method, go to the administration area, select «Settings» and then «Delivery». Click «+ Add» to add the new delivery method.

Select a delivery provider or the «User-defined delivery method» option. Under «Type», select how the delivery costs are to be calculated for this method.

Under «Name in shop», enter the name of the respective delivery method as you would like your customers to see it.

If you want to offer a given delivery method for certain products only, select the name of the delivery method in the administration area under «Settingsv → «Delivery» and then adjust the settings for it there.

Select the «No» option for «Allow for all products». A new dialog box will appear. Here you can select the products you want to offer in combination with the particular delivery method.

Enable the delivery method for each product you want to offer in combination with this delivery method.

To enable the delivery method for specific products, go to «Products» → «Display products». From there, select the item number of the product. Under «Delivery», then go to «Available delivery methods» and select the delivery methods you want to offer for this product.

Delivery costs

The delivery costs billed to the customer are set individually for each delivery method. Enter the amounts for the delivery costs that will billed for each delivery method.

Delivery costs should also include costs for packaging materials, for example.

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