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If you have an online shop with the “Base” version of Webshop and wish to change it to the "Now" version, our support team can give you access to the so-called Migrator tool in your Webshop's backend.

You can keep running the existing Webshop alongside the new one while you transfer all the information and content and configure your new shop. In the process you will have to update the template, among other things, to a more modern, responsive one.

Your categories and products will be automatically migrated by the Migrator tool. Static content pages will however have to be recreated from scratch. In the Migrator tool you will find a checklist of points you will need to address to be able to carry out the migration. At the end of the migration process the orders will also be migrated to your new Now shop.

If you wish to use the Migrator tool, please reach out to our support team with a valid support code.

Our support team will then check whether your online shop is compatible with the new version and whether any of the functionalities you currently use will be disabled. You will be able to coordinate the final migration with our support team.

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