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Want to offer your shop in multiple languages? No problem! You can add additional languages in no time and expand the reach of your shop beyond language barriers.

Follow these instructions to offer your shop in other languages:

Setting the language

In the administration area of your shop, go to «Settings» and then select «Internationalization». The table you see lists the languages that are currently activated for your shop.

If you want to add additional languages, click «+ Add» and then select the desired language from the drop-down menu.

The language you have just added will now be available to customers visiting your shop. The last step is to go to the administration area and add the text for the new language.

Adding additional languages and editing content pages

After adding a new language, you can then add shop content in the new language.

Simply go to the administration area of the shop and open the Editor. Then click the desired language at the lower edge of the screen.

Webshop language

In addition to the landing page, all other categories and content pages will also need to be edited for the new language.

Here is a list of all of elements with content that has to be created in the new language:

  • Category names
  • Products (product names and descriptions)
  • Product types (including attributes and values)
  • General settings
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment methods
  • Vouchers

Legal pages are available for all language versions of your shop.

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