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Set up payment methods

You can offer several payment methods in your shop. There are two main types of payment method:

  • Standard payment methods, such as invoices, prepayment or cash on delivery for which you settle transactions yourself
  • Third-party providers, such as PayPal, who process payments for you and then transfer the money to you

You can add payment methods in the administration area by selecting «Settings» → «Payments» from the menu.

Select «Add payment method» and click the corresponding provider of the payment method. The page that subsequently appears provides additional information about the provider. Simply follow the instructions to set up the payment method.

Payment by invoice, prepayment and cash on delivery are already set up by default.

Dependencies between payment and shipping methods

In the administration area, you have the option of offering certain payment methods only in combination with certain payment methods. For example, you can set express shipping to only be offered when payment is made via PayPal.

Go to «Settings» in the main menu and then select «Payment». Finally, under «Dependencies» you can define the combinations you would like to offer.


Use of Twint

In the Now webshop you can offer Twint as a payment method for your customers from version M onwards.

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