How do I create a backup?

Log into your Control Panel and go to the «Admin/Advanced» menu in your server overview.

Under the menu item «Backup Manager» you will find the following options:

Server backup

Make a backup of the current status, which you can download. To do this, select the desired archive type (ZIP or TAR) and click on «Start a backup».

Control Panel - Backup

As soon as the backup is ready, you will be notified by E-Mail and then have 24 hours to download the backup. It will then be deleted from our servers.

Database backup

You can download a backup of the selected database directly from here.

Control Panel - Backup

Emergency restore

If you need a backup but have not created one yourself, you can order a backup from us for a fee.

Control Panel - Backup

We will then restore the required data to your server in a manual process.

After importing the emergency restore, you will be contacted by our support via E-Mail.

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