How do I create a backup?

Log into your Control Panel and go to the Advanced menu in your server overview (if you are not logged in with a Hostpoint ID, the menu item is Admin). If you click Backup Manager, the following options appear:

Server backup: Create a downloadable backup of the current server state. Simply select the desired archive format (zip or tar) and click Start a backup.

As soon as the backup is ready, you will be notified by e-mail and then have 24 hours to download the backup. It will then be deleted from our servers. The backup contains all files on your server but not the databases.

Database backup: You can download a backup of the selected database directly from here.

Emergency restore: If you need a backup but have not created one yourself, you can order a backup from us for a fee. We will then manually restore the data you need to your server.

Please provide as many details as possible explaining what happened and when, so that we can select the ideal restoration time. Our support team will then contact you directly by e-mail.


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