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Data security and system stability

Your data at Hostpoint is backed up automatically. Our storage cluster solutions connect multiple separate clusters via a fast internal network with all web, mail, database and administration servers. The clusters store all customer data on external disk arrays and mirror them in another room (separate fire protection zone). The disk arrays are identical and also redundantly configured to always prevent loss of data even if an individual disk or disk array fails. This guarantees maximum data security and system stability.

Backup availability

Web, e-mail and database backups are kept for up to 180 days depending on the web hosting package. These backups are performed four times daily and are all available for the most recent two-week period. For backups going back more than two weeks and up to one month, one backup per day is kept; one weekly backup is kept for the period going back 1 - 6 months.

Data backups are available for up to 180 days for Business web hosting, up to 90 days for Smart web hosting and up to 30 days for Standard web hosting.

With the Managed Flex Server S, your data is backed up for 30 days. With Managed Flex Server M, data can be restored for up to 60 days. With Managed Flex Server L and higher, recovery is available for up to 180 days.

Emergency recovery

If necessary, you can have the data restored from a backup. How to request such a fee-based emergency restore is described below.

For web hosting customers

A fee-based emergency restore can be ordered in the Hostpoint Control Panel under "Advanced" > "Backup Manager" > "Emergency restore". This applies to all web hostings, Sites and Managed Flex Servers, including e-mails.

For e-mail customers

 A fee-based disaster recovery of your emails can be ordered in the Hostpoint Control Panel under "E-mail & Cloud Office" > "Display Cloud Office groups" > "Edit" > "Emergency restore".

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