Recommended plug-ins for WordPress and further help

If you have installed your WordPress website, you can - if required - extend your WordPress with so-called "Plug-Ins" from third-party developers.

Plug-Ins are optional modules for your WordPress installation. There are numerous possibilities, from plug-ins to support SEO topics to back up plug-ins or performance optimization.

But not all plug-ins are the same, the main difference are the costs. Paid plug-ins usually offer the advantage that updates concerning functions and security are continuously provided by the developer. 

Below you will find a list of plug-ins that can help you with your WordPress project.

The list is structured according to the possible use of the plug-ins:

Editor Plug-Ins

Editor plug-ins can help you with the most simple design. Elements such as text boxes, dividers or other design elements can easily be inserted with the editor at the desired position without any programming knowledge.

SEO Plug-Ins

SEO plug-ins help you to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization is about ranking your website higher in the search results of a search engine (such as Google, Bing, etc) and thus making your website being found faster.

Backup Plug-Ins

Backup plug-ins simplify the backup of your WordPress website. We recommend that you make backups of your WordPress website before conducting any major changes to your WordPress installation itself or to the other plug-ins.

HTTPS Plug-Ins

If you suspect problems with mixed content, you can use the following article to check if mixed content is available and where it is stored.

Performance/Optimization Plug-Ins

Performance and optimization plug-ins usually control the caching of the website and can also optimize databases.

Newsletter Plug-Ins

Newsletter plug-ins simplify mass mailings/newsletters directly from the WordPress backend.

Slider Plug-Ins

Sliders are image-text elements that display alternating content at regular intervals. These contents may consist of a large picture, a headline, a short teaser and/or a link to further contents.

Forms Plug-Ins

Form plug-ins may be used for contact forms or self-defined forms.

E-Commerce Plug-Ins

If you want to set up a webshop with WordPress, it is usually integrated via a shop plug-in.

Booking & Dates Plug-Ins

With booking and appointment plug-ins, your customers can book appointments conveniently via your website.

  • Booked - Booking & Appointment Plug-In

Sitemap generator Plug-Ins

With Sitemap Generators you can create a hierarchically structured list of the single documents (subpages) of your website. 

Sitemaps have an essential function for search engine optimization.

Multilingualism Plug-Ins

Multilanguage plug-ins are primarily used to make the website available in multiple languages.

Safety and security Plug-Ins

To protect your WordPress installation from hacking attempts and unauthorized access, we highly recommend using security plug-ins. These plug-ins can be configured according to your preferences and offer additional protection to the core installation.

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