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You can enhance your WordPress website with plugins from third-party providers. Plugins are optional add-ons for your WordPress website. There are numerous options, from plugins to support SEO topics and backups to performance optimization.

A distinction is made between paid and free plugins. The benefit of virtually all paid plugins is that updates for functions and security are continuously provided by the provider. This is not always the case with free plugins.

In this article, you’ll find a list of useful plugins for your WordPress site.

We’ve grouped the plugins based on their possible use:


Editor plugins help you design your website. Elements such as text boxes, dividers or other design elements can be easily inserted using the editor at the desired location. Programming skills are not required.


SEO plugins help you with the search engine optimization of your website. The aim is to rank your website higher in the search results of a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing) so that you can be found more quickly and more easily.


Backup plugins help you back up your WordPress website. We recommend always backing up the website before making any major changes to your WordPress installation or plugins.


HTTPS plugins help you prevent mixed content from being reported when you use an SSL certificate on the website. This article will help you to check whether and where there is “mixed content” on your website.

  • Better Search Replace
    Warning: This plugin rewrites your code and database entries. To be on the safe side, always create a backup before using it. 

Performance and optimization

Performance and optimization plugins control, for example, the caching of the website and optimize databases. This article discusses the topic in more detail.


Newsletter plugins make it easier to send mass mailings and newsletters directly from the WordPress backend.


Sliders are image-text elements that display changing content at regular intervals. This content may consist, for example, of a large image, a heading, a teaser and a link to other content.


With form plugins, you can use different forms (e.g. contact forms) or create your own forms.


E-commerce plugins help you set up a webshop with WordPress.

Bookings and appointments

Booking and appointment plugins allow your customers to conveniently book appointments via your website.

Sitemap generator

Sitemap generators allow you to create a hierarchically structured list of the individual documents (subpages) on your website. Sitemaps are key for search engine optimization.

Multiple languages

Multilingual plugins help you make your website available in multiple languages.


To protect your WordPress installation from hackers and unauthorized access, we recommend using security plugins. These plugins can be configured according to your preferences and offer additional protection.

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