How do I transfer WordPress from my old provider to Hostpoint?

To migrate your WordPress installation to Hostpoint, several steps are necessary. These instructions will guide you step-by-step.

Manual setup

Save data

For a successful migration you need a complete backup of your WordPress website. The backup consists of a database-backup, which is usually a .sql file.

In addition, you need the files from WordPress, which you can transfer from the server to your computer by using an FTP client such as FileZilla.

If you need help creating the backup, please contact the support of your current provider.

Once you have finished the backup of the database and files, you can start setting them up in the Control Panel.

Creating the Database

Log on to the Hostpoint Control Panel with your login credentials and navigate to «Databases» on the server overview.

Create a new database with a new database user and write down the following information:

  • Database-Host
  • Database-Name
  • Database-User
  • Database-Password

These information are needed later on to successfully connect the database with the WordPress files.

Importing the database

In the overview of your databases you should now find the database you just created.

Click on the button «phpMyAdmin» to connect to the database.

In the upper menu click on «Import», select the database saved in step 1 (.sql file) and confirm the import with «OK».

When the database has been imported successfully, proceed to the next step.

Creating the website

For the website to be accessible in the Internet, you must create a new website with the desired domain in the Control Panel under «Websites».

The document root, i.e. the main directory for your WordPress, is also created at the same time the website is created.

Upload data

If you haven't yet created a FTP account in the Hostpoint Control Panel, you have to create one now.
The instructions «How do I create a FTP account?» and «How do I connect to my server via FTP/SFTP?» help you to establish a connection to your Hostpoint hosting.

Once the connection to the server has been established, you can start uploading the data.

In your FTP client you should now see the folder «www» on the server. The folder «www» contains subfolders with the names of the corresponding domains.

Load the WordPress files into the corresponding directory which has been created when the website was created.

When all files are uploaded, move on to the next step.

Customize the wp-config.php

Now you need the database information you wrote down before.

Open the file wp-config.php with a text editor of your choice and overwrite the following values:


Save the wp-config.php and upload it to the server via FTP.

Your domain should now be able to successfully access the WordPress website.

Automatically set up with plugin

Install plugin

There are several plugins, such as Duplicator, that make this task easier. To perform the move using Duplicator, first install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Start the move by creating a new package in Duplicator. You should then receive two files to download to your PC. These are a ZIP file and an installer.php file.

Creating the website

Configure the desired domain in the Hostpoint control panel under the menu item «Websites». This will automatically create a directory with the same name on the server. You can find instructions on how to do this here: Website

Creating the Database

In the Hostpoint control panel, under the «Databases» menu, you can create a new empty database with a database user. Save the credentials for later.  

Upload data

Place the files in the directory where you want to install the website (by default «www/»). You can configure it by following these instructions: «How do I connect to my server via FTP/SFTP?»

Start installer

Launch the installer via the link «» and follow the instructions. Here you will need the database details from the previous process. Once the installation process is complete, your website should now be accessible via your domain at Hostpoint.

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