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The “General” tab allows you to manage your website's basic information.

Profile Information

The profile name is predefined and corresponds to the domain name. The domain name and the corresponding (sub)domains are predefined accordingly.

You can also disable the profile.

Visitor Identification

Visit Timeout

This setting allows you to determine how many minutes of inactivity the session of a visitor to your website is considered to have ended. For example, if you enter the value “20”, the visit will be registered as terminated” after 20 minutes of inactivity. This setting is important for the evaluation of the number of visits on your website.

Unique Visitor / ID Method

This setting determines how Logaholic identifies a unique visitor. There are two options:

  1. IP address only: A visitor will be identified as unique based on their IP address. This option is suitable for websites with little traffic.
  2. IP address and user agent: A visitor will be identified as unique based on their IP address and the browser's user agent string.

There is a great deal of debate about the ideal method of tracking unique visitors, and many articles have been published discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different methods. Choose the method that suits your needs best.

Human/Bot Detection

Many reports in Logaholic exclude data from bots by default. This setting allows you to specify how Logaholic differentiates between humans and bots for visitors.

By default, the “Browser Type” option is enabled for detection. This method matches the string of the calling browser against a library. This way, the most common bots are intercepted.

When set on “Behaviour based”, only users that request a combination of HTML and images or JavaScript during a visit are counted as human. All others are counted as a bot. If your site is HTML only, without any images or JavaScript files, don't use this setting.

IP masking

This setting allows you to determine whether or not IP addresses in the reports are processed anonymously. This setting is necessary if you wish to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, which includes IP addresses as personal data.

If this option is enabled, Logaholic no longer stores the complete IP addresses of the visitors. The last octet of the IP address is set to zero.

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