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The “News” report shows you unusual events on your website, such as an increased number of bot requests or a complete lack of traffic.

Visitors per Day / Month / Year

In the “Visitors per Day”, “Visitors per Month” and “Visitors per Year” reports, the date, the number of visitors, the number of visits, and the average number of visits per visitor on that date is displayed. These charts show unique visitors for the selected period of time. Since a visitor may be unique within a particular week, but not necessarily in a reviewed hour, you cannot simply add totals across reports.

Trend Analysis

This report shows you the trends in visitors on a certain page, for a specific keyword or for a referring site. In the report settings you can enter the page, keyword or referrer that you want to see stats for. When entering pages, always start with a slash. You can also choose whether you want the report period to be displayed in days, weeks or months. By default, a barline chart will display your trends. It is also possible to view the numbers in a table.

Visit Duration per Day

The “Visit Duration per Day” report shows how long your visitors stay on your website per day over the course of a session.

Total Duration per Day

The “Total Duration per Day” report shows how long your visitors stay on your website per day in total.

New vs Returning

The “New vs Returning” reports displays which percentage of your total visitors reached the site for the first time (e.g. was new) and which percentage was returning.

Top Hours

The “Top Hours” report shows the time of the day at which most visits take place.

Top Days

The “Top Days” report shows the days of the week on which your website was visited the most during the selected period. It shows both the number of visits and the number of page views. 

Compare Days

The “Compare Days” report shows how many unique visitors visited your website on a specific day of the week within the last three weeks.

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