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Under “Reporting”  in the profile configuration, you will find various other settings for your Logaholic reports.

Date & Time

Reporting Time Zone

By default, the time zone of the web server on which Logaholic is installed is used for the reports. If you want to use a different time zone, select it here.

Time Format Display

Define your own date format to be displayed in the reports. Below the selection, you will see a preview of the current format. To reset the settings, click on “Restore to default format”.


Specify here which currency is to be used as the default in Logaholic (symbol or currency code).

In-page Analytics

With in-page analytics, you can display statistical data directly on the single pages of your website. This gives you quick insights into visitor behavior on a specific page without having to call up Logaholic. Integrate the given code snippet in every page on which you want to view the data directly.

This video shows how in-page analytics work:

To integrate the code, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the JavaScript code that you can find in the profile configuration under “Reporting” > “Inpage Analytics”.
  2. Integrate the code snippet on the desired pages in the header (<head>...</head>).
    Note: If you have a file for the header or footer that is included in every page, you only need to include the tracking code in one of the two files.
  3. In the profile configuration in Logaholic, click on “Activated” to activate the function.

If you are working with a CMS: With most CMSs, the tracking code is entered directly into the template or in a predefined location in the backend of the CMS. Consult the instructions of your CMS for the correct placement.


Under “Dashboards” you have the option of restoring the standard dashboards or deleting all dashboards. 

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