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Most of the reports in Logaholic can be exported in different data formats and sent by e-mail. In this article, we will show you the available functions.

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Export report as PDF

Click on the PDF symbol at the top right to export all the reports opened in your dashboard as PDF file. This function is especially helpful for presentations and other professional reporting applications.

Export report as XML, JSON or CSV

Depending on the report, the data can be exported as XML, JSON and/or CSV file.

To export a report in one of the file formats, click on the arrow symbol at the top right of the box. Then select the desired file format.

For CSV, the report will be downloaded directly as CSV file. Exporting a Logaholic report as a CSV file allows you to import the report data into a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

For XML and JSON, a new tab will be opened in the browser, displaying the data in the selected format.

Send report via e-mail

To send a report via e-mail, click on the arrow symbol at the top right of the box and select “E-mail”. You will then be prompted to enter the recipient's e-mail address and, optionally, a message.

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