Many reports in Logaholic can be exported to a CSV file,sent via e-mail or displayed in printer friendly format. To access these functions, click the icons in the top right corner of a report. It is also possible to export your Dashboard to PDF files.

CSV Export

To export a report to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, simply click the CSV Export icon and you will be prompted to download the .csv file to your disk.

Exporting a Logaholic report to a CSV file allows you to import the information from the Logaholic report into any spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

Send via E-mail

To send a report via E-mail, click the Send E-mail icon. You will be prompted to enter the "from" and "to" E-mail addresses and an optional message. You will always receive a copy of the e-mail that is sent.

Note: This feature is intended for ad hoc sending of reports. If you want to send reports via e-mail on a regular, automated basis, please follow the procedures for Automating e-mail alerts.

Export to PDF

To export all reports opened in your dashboard to a PDF file, simply click the PDF icon in the top menu of Logaholic. This function is really helpful for business presentations and other professional reporting.

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