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Content Based Split Test

PHP split tests allow you to see if proposed changes in content or format on one page on your website draws more visitors and results in more conversions than before. This test is particularly applicable to changes in the design and layout of your site's content, and it requires that you actually make the change in the page's source code when you set up the test.

Selecting this option opens a new window where you can enter the following information: the test name, the URL of the page you wish to test, and the percentage of visitors to whom you wish to show the new version of the page. You can also enter a description of the purpose and type of changes you are testing, i.e., a change in layout, the addition of new content, different colors etc.

Clicking “Create” displays a screen showing the source code of the selected page in two separate columns: one called Version A, the other, Version B. You can now introduce the changes you wish to test into the source code of one of the two versions, publish that version to your site, and wait to see the results. The HTML source can either be directly edited here, or you can make your modifications in another editor then copy and paste them into one of the two windows. Click “Create” to continue to publish your test pages.

The next step is to publish your test pages to your website. Follow the instructions shown to insert the code for testing your entire page or part of the page. Click “Finish” to complete publishing your test pages.

Now, some patience is needed. The results of the content-based split test are not immediately significant. Depending on the amount of traffic on your site, it can take a while before the results start coming in. The outcome of the test can be viewed in the report. In terms of conversion, you should select an interesting KPI where the investigated page sends visitors to. Besides valuable conversion data of version A and B, there is also information on the average page time available. The report also includes a determination of which of the two pages, if either, performed better than the other.

Time Based Split Test

A time-based split test is a very simply, but valuable report that compares the performance of a certain page between two time periods. This can be very useful if you changed the content of a page and want to know what the consequences are. You'll simply select a date range (for example last month) and choose if you want to compare with the period “before” or “after”. In terms of conversion, it's important to select an interesting target page (KPI), where the page sends visitors to.

URL Based Split Test

This test enables you to compare two pages within your website, so you can see which one sends more visitors to a third target page (KPI). Whenever there are two ways - paths - to reach a certain target page, you want to use the URL-based split test. Simply select the first pages of both paths and the test will show which path leads to the most conversions. Once you have the results, you may have to decide to make changes to your website.

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