What is a DNS zone?

The DNS zone consists of all records belonging to a domain.

Example of a zone active with Hostpoint:

your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN SOA   ns.hostpoint.ch. hostmaster.hostpoint.ch. 20130614 86400 7200 3628800 12096000
your-own-domainch. 3600 IN NS   ns.hostpoint.ch.
your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN NS   ns2.hostpoint.ch.
your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN NS   ns3.hostpoint.ch.
your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN A
*.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN A
autoconfig.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   autoconfig.mail.hostpoint.ch.
autodiscover.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   autoconfig.mail.hostpoint.ch.
imap.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   imap.mail.hostpoint.ch.
lists.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   lists.admin.hostpoint.ch.
mail.your-own-domainch. 300 IN CNAME   asmtp.mail.hostpoint.ch.
mail2.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   asmtp.mail.hostpoint.ch.
pop.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   pop.mail.hostpoint.ch.
smtp.your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN CNAME   asmtp.mail.hostpoint.ch.
your-own-domain.ch. 300 IN MX   10 mx1.mail.hostpoint.ch.
your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN MX   10 mx2.mail.hostpoint.ch.
*.your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN MX 10 mx2.mail.hostpoint.ch.
*.your-own-domain.ch. 3600 IN MX 10 mx1.mail.hostpoint.ch.

You can edit the DNS zone of your own domain in your control panel.


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