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When you sign up for Google services, you'll need to confirm ownership of your domain. There are several verification methods such as uploading an HTML file, adding an HTML tag in the code of the web page or creating a DNS record.

The easiest way is to add a TXT record in the DNS zone of your domain.

To do this, you must log in to the Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID. Then click on the menu item «Domains» and on «Edit DNS Zone» to access the DNS administration.

DNS Record

Use pre-defined service

Click on the «Google Site verification» button.

DNS Service - Google Site verification

In the «Google Site verification» field, enter the confirmation entry you received from Google and then click on «Execute now».

Google Site verification

If you return to Google, you can proceed with the confirmation.

Add TXT record manually

Click on «Add new record» and select the record type «TXT».

dns txt record

Enter the verification entry you received from Google in the «Text» field and then click «Add Record».

Your new TXT record will appear in the DNS list and can now be saved via the «Execute now» button.

If you return to Google, you can proceed with the confirmation.

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