Permitted records

This article explains which DNS records are permitted and how they are structured.

Permitted DNS Records:

Record TypDefinitionContentExample
A Defines the IP(v4) address of your web server IPv4 valid address
AAAA Defines the IP(v6) address of your web server IPv6 valid address 2a00:d70:0:a::170
CNAME Defines a host alias Host / domain, not a URL or IP Adresse
MX Defines the mail server for this domain Host (not an IP!)
TXT Used for different records such as SPF or Google Site Verification, etc. User-defined google-site-verification=rXOxyZounn
SRV Needed for service records, e.g. Jabber, etc. Priority, port, weight and service 100 443 1

Characters permitted:

  • [a-z]
  • [A-Z]
  • [0-9]
  • [-.]

Additional characters may also be used for TXT and SRV.

  • [/~:_]


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