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A DNS record is the smallest instance containing the exact information that indicates which domain name «belongs» to which destination address. For Hostpoint, for example, the DNS must include the information that ‘’ must resolve to the IP address «».

You can think of this as a simple text record in a file or database.

However, the record includes additional information:

Host nameTTL (Time to Live)Class (Internet)TypeDestination 300 IN A

Types of DNS records

There are, of course, other types of DNS records. Here is a list of the most common ones:

SOA Start of Authority 20130614 86400 7200 3628800 12096000
NS Authoritative Nameserver of the domain
A IPv4 address of the domain
AAAA IPv6 Adresse of the domain 2a00:d70:0:a::333
CNAME Canonical name of the domain Host
MX Mail-Exchange, the mail server used for your domain

You'll find a detailed description of all useable types in our instructions for DNS.

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