How can I change the name servers (NS) for my domain?

You have to log in to the Control Panel with your Hostpoint ID.

Then click in the menu on «Domains» and on «Edit» to access the domain administration.

Nameserver change

Once on this page you'll see the current nameservers in the «Nameserver» section on the right side. At this point there are two possible scenarios:

Hostpoint's nameservers are currently set and you wish to change them to external nameservers

ns en

You can remove Hostpoint's three nameservers thanks to the red X icons to the left of each line, then insert the new nameservers (one server per line). Once you've entered the nameservers, click on «Check name servers».

With that the system will check whether the new nameservers provide an answer for your domain. If this check is successful, you will be able to start the nameserver change by clicking on «Change name server now».

ext ns en

The domain has external nameservers, and you wish to change them to ours

In this case you can overwrite the external nameservers with Hostpoint's. To do this, just click on «Reset to Hostpoint nameservers». Then you'll see that all three of our nameservers will be set and replace the previous ones. 

ns hp en

Now click on «Check name server». The system will then check whether the new name server provide a response to your domain. If the check is successful, you will be able to start the change of nameserver by clicking on «Change name servers now».

In this menu you also have the option to set a .ch or .li domain inactive by deleting the registered name servers. This means that the domain can no longer be called up, but remains in your possession until the contract is terminated.

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