How do I transfer my domain to Hostpoint?

In the following tutorial, we will guide you, step by step, through the process of transfering a domain from any Registrar to Hostpoint. Before getting started with the transfer, please always make sure that you are in posession of the Transfercode as well as your Hostpoint-ID's credentials (unless it hasn't been created yet).

Open our website and navigate to the categorie 'Domains'. Search now for your registered domain in the search bar.


Because your domain has already been registered in your name, it will naturally show as „taken“. So the „transfer“-button is the one you need to click.




In the newly opened window, please enter the Transfer-code of your domain.




Confirm your information by clicking on „Transfer domain“ and then choose „continue“ to go to the next step in the order-process.





In this next step, choose what you wish to do with your domain.





I would like to configure the domain(s) for a Hostpoint service
With this option, the domain will be transferred to us and can be used with an already existing Server.

I would initially like to buy the domain(s) or transfer the to Hostpoint on an inactive basis
With this option, the domain will be transferred to us, pointing to a parking site automatically. If external Nameservers have been set, these will be kept and the domain won't point to our parking site.

I would like to configure the domain(s) for an external hosting provider
If this option is chosen, four new fields will open, where you can enter the Nameservers of the other Hosting-provider. Then, Hostpoint will only be the domain's Registrar, but the websites and mail accounts will be hosted with the other provider.


After you have chosen the preferred option, you can continue. On the next page you can choose a new server, if necessary. If you only want to transfer the domain, please click on "I would like to order only domains".



On the following page, you will have four options to choose from.




I order as a new customer
Please enter your details in the fields below.

I am an existing Hostpoint customer with a Hostpoint ID
Log in with the Hostpoint ID and the corresponding password.

I am an existing Hostpoint customer without a Hostpoint ID
Log in here with your hosting username and the right password, before entering your details in the fields below.

I order as a webmaster for someone else
Log in with our own Hostpoint ID and password. If you don't have an ID yet, you can create said ID first here: Then, choose whether your client already owns an ID with us and put in all the needed information.

As soon as everything has been finished, please continue.

You will now see an overview of your order, where you can check all of the details.



Confirm that you have read the General Terms and Conditions and then click on "order now".



The transfer has now been initiated and will be finished in the next 24-72 hours. Please note, that with gTLD(.com, .org, .net etc), you will receive an e-mail where you have to confirm the transfer by clicking on a link.


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